Camel Caravan

Abu Dhabi’s Camel Caravan was a public art project organized by ArtWorks llc to be entertaining and benefit business, the community, the arts and many charities. Artists in the UAE and from arond the world were selected to paint and embellish lifesize camelsculptures into unique works of art. The diverse artworks were showcased in many high-profile locations in Abu Dhabi before being sold at a gala public art auction with net proceeds going to charities.

The Jazzcamel created by Ines A. Landmesser later on went to Zurich to be displayed with other Camels in the Zurich Zoo for some time, was bought by a Swiss Company and is now displayed on the Company premises in Zurich.

Dubai´s celebration of the Arabian Horse

Ines A. Landmesser contributed with ˋINSPIRATIONˋ a colourful and diverse designed Horse to one of the worldˋs most successful art projects, bringing multiple benefits to charities, public art and sponsors. This art-meets-charity initiative has been an incredible multicultural effort that has engaged schools, community groups, businesses and the government sector with personal support of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the strong support of Godolphin. The painted Arabian horses have been displayed all over Dubai. A gala auction by Christieˋs of London raised money for the various charities. INSPIRATION! is now owned and displayed by the Royal Meridien in Dubai Jumeirah.

Artist: Ines Landmesser
Sponsor: Godolphin for Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre
Charity: Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre
Auction: Chrstie´s Dubai

Competitions & Projects

Ines A. Landmesser’s work includes joining a sculpture competition with Hunar Art Gallery, as well as an Art competition organized by Red Bull (Showing the artistˋs work in an exhibition in the Mall of the Emirates and the Gulf Region). She was commissioned to creating card designs and original art work for the Governor of the Central Bank of the UAE and the Arab Monetary Fund. A major commission was a 2 x 4 meter oilpainting for the Schlumberger Headquarter in Dubai. Designing and managing two large art projects for the German School in Abu Dhabi was another large project, including teaching art at GISAD for several weeks to finalise the artproject with schoolchildren from several grades.


Aisha and the turtle, richly illustrated by Ines A. Landmesser, is a beautiful storybook showcasing authentic themes of the region. The 36 pages book is designed to foster environmental awareness among the younger generation and promote efforts to protect the maritime ecosystems in the Middle East. Although it is a book with a message, it is written by Barbara-Steinbauer-Grötsch in the tradition of an Arabian story, in which fantasy and imagination play major parts and will therefore delight all readers. ISBN 1 86063 116 9 (English) 1 86063 119 3 (Arabic)

Aisha saves the reef, the sequel to Aisha and the turtle, introduces more characters while retaining all the old favourites in an exciting new story. The informative text and colourful illustrations once again provide young readers with an enjoyable way of learning an important environmental message.
Both books were published by MOTIVATE PUBLISHING in English and Arabic. ISBN 1 86063 142 8 (English) 1 86063 144 4 (Arabic)

Hamda and the magic fish is an arabic fairytale in which Ines A. Landmesser sets the story with her illustrations in the old days of Quatar. Young readers can follow and enjoy an authentic and colourful world along with the story written by Fatouh Al Ghanem. The book was published by RasGas-Quatar Petroleum and distributed to schools and institutions in Quatar.